Firm Hand Spanking Updates

Firm Hand Spanking Updates

I hope everyone’s weekend is off to a great start!
Let’s get right into it and take a quick peek at what’s going on at Firm Hand Spanking right now.

Cheerleader Rosie Munroe is Paddled and Strapped on Game Day
Firm Hand Spanking Updates Firm Hand Spanking Updates Firm Hand Spanking Updates Firm Hand Spanking Updates

Rosie Munroe and John Friday have been appearing in a series called “Reform School” and this is the most recent segment in it. Rosie is a very cute spankee who I don’t think has been seen getting spanked anywhere else (please comment if you have this information!). I’m particularly fond of spankees wearing glasses, so she gets points in that department! And although we see an awful lot of cheerleader scenes these days, they’re still a fan-favorite.
This scene seems to be entirely over her panties while she receives a wedgie to bare her cheeks, which is a bit different and always enjoyable.

It’s described on Firm Hand like this:
“After three swats with a Reform School paddle, Rosie Munroe drops to the floor begging for any other implement to be used, as she’s cheering tonight and will be too sore to perform stunts! Cheer skirt flipped up and panties wedgied, her bare cheeks take 17 strokes with a leather tawse: John Friday is always firm, but fair to bouncing buns!”

I couldn’t find any social media links for Rosie, but like most of the US based models at Firm Hand she works at The Dominion in Los Angeles, so if you’re local to the area, check her out.

The next scene we’re going to look at today is also school girl themed, but this one is filmed in the UK and is from a series entitled “Reform Academy” (very different).  It features Helen Stephens (the spankee in this update), Belinda Lawson (aka Chantal Fox), and Mr. Johnson (aka Dodgey Dave).

Disrespect Costs Pretty Helen Stephens a Bare Bottom Spanking

Firm Hand Spanking Updates Firm Hand Spanking Updates Firm Hand Spanking Updates Firm Hand Spanking Updates

The scene is described like this: “Reporting to Reform Academy wearing short school uniform skirts gets stunning Helen Stephens and Belinda Lawson into more trouble with Mr. Johnson. Helen is swiftly over his knee, skirt up and panties down, to have her bare bottom soundly spanked for disrespect. Hot Reaction Cam and cheek-jiggling slow motion! The paddle is still to come.”

Helen and Belinda are both gorgeous models and school uniform spankings are always some of the best. I personally wish that the girls were wearing matching outfits, and I’m not really sure about Helen’s shoe choice.  And I hope that we’ll get to see some of the straps in that huge pile in the background used at some point during the series.  😉

This scene makes use of a position which is not commonly seen, in which Helen is bent over one leg while the spanker is standing, as opposed to the more common version of over the knee, where the spankee rests across a seated lap. She’s not fully dangling, but it certainly presents her pretty little bottom very nicely.

You can follow Belinda on twitter here (although she isn’t very active) and Helen here.

Moving on, let’s check out one more update. This one stars Alison Miller.

Drinking her lover’s expensive scotch costs Alison a bare bottom tanning
Firm Hand Spanking Updates Firm Hand Spanking Updates Firm Hand Spanking Updates Firm Hand Spanking Updates

First, a leather flogger, then a leather paddle swiftly turn Alison Miller’s jiggling, round bare buttocks a deep red – all because she didn’t listen to lover John Friday! This is Domestic Discipline with the heat turned up high. Alison said, “He really went at it and my bottom was stinging way more than I expected, all because I drank his scotch!”

Alison Miller is the star model of Firm Hand, and her butt looks as magnificent as always in this scene from a series entitled “Domestic Discipline.”

You can follow Alison on twitter here, although she’s also not very active.

That’s all for tonight! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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