Spanking Daizy Cooper

Spanking Daizy Cooper

We’re back with another exciting spanking update! This one is about a girl who I personally really like: Daizy Cooper. She has a new scene out at Spanking Sorority Girls in which she’s topped by famous adult model Misty Stone.

Spanking Daizy Cooper Spanking Daizy Cooper Spanking Daizy Cooper Spanking Daizy Cooper Spanking Daizy Cooper Spanking Daizy Cooper

Here’s the description of this scene from Spanking Sorority Girls:

Porn superstar Misty Stone plays a sorority girl who decides to punish classmate Daizy Cooper, who desperately needs to copy off Misty’s homework. This is a firm but extremely sensual spanking, that includes a multitude of sexy positions, different implements in addition to Misty’s hand and even some tongue action. Daizy feels pain and pleasure before she copies the assignment.

I love this scene because I love spanking content that highlights models of color! I especially like seeing Daizy with her natural hairstyle. It looks like Daizy and Misty have fun energy in this video, too: there’s some sexiness going on between the two of them, some hand-on-throat action, and a couple of mean looking paddles. Looks like a good one to check out!

Spanking Sorority Girls is a great site. It’s all F/F content and features an awesome mix of models, including new faces, popular spankees, and some very famous adult performers. The scenes are varied, too: sometimes they involve school uniforms, other times hazing scenarios, and they regularly feature discipline being given out by nuns. It’s a unique site with hot content. It’s also available as part of the Clare Fonda Pass, which is one of the best values on the internet when it comes to spanking videos!

Daizy has made quite a splash in the adult industry despite being very young, but she actually shot spanking videos before she really truly got going in mainstream porn. Her first spanking shoot was for Northern Spanking. The story is a bit funny, actually. Pint-sized superstar Dorothy Burnett was staying at my house and she asked me if I could go get her friend from the bus stop, as she had taken the wrong line and was a bit too far away to walk. That friend was Daizy, and on the ride back to my place we started chatting about modeling and such things…and by the end of the day we’d booked her to shoot.

We’ve only shot with Daizy one time but hope to do more of it sometime soon. We do have a few scenes with her saved, including two of her and Dorothy together. Something to look forward to!

In the meantime, if you haven’t seen Daizy’s first spanking video, check out “A Summer of Spanking” on Northern Spanking:

“Having been sent home from summer camp for being disruptive, Daizy’s parents have recruited Alex to babysit their wayward daughter, for the whole summer long! Daisy is no better behaved at home and Alex must make frequent use of the special dispensation given her to attempt to keep Daizy in line.”

Spanking Daizy Cooper

Spanking Daizy Cooper Spanking Daizy Cooper Spanking Daizy Cooper Spanking Daizy Cooper Spanking Daizy Cooper Spanking Daizy Cooper Spanking Daizy CooperSpanking Daizy Cooper

This scene is available as an individual purchase here.

If you have a custom fantasy surrounding Daizy, be sure to check out, where Daizy appears alongside 70+ other performers. Custom Spanking Videos offers the largest and most varied set of performers of any site making bespoke spanking creations.

You can follow Daizy on twitter and check out her personal site here.

You can also follow Misty’s twitter for plenty of hot pictures!

That’s all for today! Check back tomorrow for more spanking goodness!

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